lenovo laptops

As a Lenovo Platinum Partner, Business IT Source provides a full line of Lenovo products and solutions to our customers to get the most out of the IT investment. Bits can assist with all of your needs, from client system procurement to device deployment.


ThinkPads combine powerful processing, advanced storage technologies, leading-edge security features, and outstanding battery life to enable superior productivity. From simplifying the adoption of new technologies to amplifying productivity, ThinkPads enable your organization to advance business priorities.

Productivity matters to business:

The objective of every business is to ensure that revenue stays ahead of costs. It is important to exercise due diligence and make correct technology investments to avoid unforeseen spending and unnecessary downtime, thereby realizing enhanced revenue per employee.

To transform productivity, the focus must be on

High performance devices that feature the latest processors, graphics, high-speed memory, and secure storage solutions suited to each organization.

Endpoint Device Management

To reduce excessive dependencies on IT teams, and ensure uniform deployments of system updates, security patches, and effective problem resolution.

Interruption Mitigation Tools

That provide quick and effective resolution to disruptions.

Communication Enhancement

That provide quick and effective resolution to disruptions.