Device as a Service (DaaS) is an end-to-end device management solution enabling end-users to easily manage devices throughout the entire product lifecycle. BITS, in partnership with Intel, offers a device management solution to streamline workplace technology management, provide predictable costs for budgeting, and a full suite of user benefits — for your IT department and your work- force — that helps improve productivity and free up valuable resources.

Productivity for All as a Service

Today's workforce requires highly reliable devices that allow them to stay productive wherever they may be — all while knowing that their PCs and data are secure.
IT teams are supporting this shift in workforce mobility and strive to deliver a smooth user experience to all end users. But with budget and resources often stretched thin, managing a fleet from end-to-end and ensuring support for devices have become lower priorities. The solution? Device as a Service featuring Intel vPro® technology.

Benefits of DaaS

  • • Better User Experience

  • • Optimized IT Resources

  • • Simplified Deployment and Management

  • • Predictable monthly cost, per-device

  • • Secure Disposal

  • • Enhanced Security