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Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Business IT Source provides cloud and hybrid cloud solutions and services that will help you handle your IT workload in the most efficient manner possible. Whether you are looking for private, public or hybrid solutions, we can help you design the technology that will meet your needs. While most businesses can benefit from cloud computing, it’s important to understand that cloud technology isn’t always the best solution for every task. We can work with you to analyze your environment to determine the best solution to meet your needs.

Our approach is three-fold:
– Flexibility - looking at the environment and helping our customers logically organize IT workloads to allow for the most efficient processing.
– Cost - analyzing the workload tasks and determining the most cost-effective solution to perform them. This approach reduces the overburdening of resources, which reduces IT costs.
– Security - reviewing security requirements around servers, applications or workloads makes certain that resources are deployed in the correct environment.

Bits provides you the information to make the correct design decision for your organization. We create the best fit for your organization, no matter if that is a private, public or hybrid cloud solution.