How Business IT Source is helping companies deal with COVID-19

On behalf of everyone at Business IT Source we wish everyone the best during this very difficult and challenging time.

One core value of our business is to stock companies’ standard products in our warehouse, reserved for their use to ensure product is available when needed. Customers have always found considerable value in this service, but it has proven even more beneficial with the onset of COVID-19. By stocking several months’ worth of product at Business IT Source we ensure delays don’t affect current and future projects. We are also in constant communication with our OEM partners so that we always have the latest updates regarding supply chain availability.

Many companies have used the Business IT Source stocking program as part of their disaster recovery plan to ensure product is available and stored off-site. In the case of COVID-19, numerous health professionals have predicted additional future seasonal outbreaks and having product stocked at Business It Source can help companies mitigate risk by guaranteeing product availability.

Our imaging and configuration services have become even more beneficial during the COVID-19 outbreak as many companies’ IT organizations are now working remotely. Business IT Source ships systems so they arrive at the end location configured and ready to deploy. We can easily set this up, at no-cost, streamlining your technology deployment.

We have had many requests for same day, next day, and weekend deliveries. Business IT Source is deemed an essential business and our warehouse and integration centers operate seven days a week. Utilizing our own trucks, we can safely and timely deliver to IL/WI/MI/IN. Regardless of the delivery method, we coordinate with the end location to make sure someone is available to receive the product and it arrives when needed.

We are in an unprecedented environment and facing challenging times. Business IT Source is fortunate to be in an industry that can help companies and organizations continue to function and develop solutions to the issues we are facing and will continue to endure moving forward.

From the entire team at Business IT Source, we wish everyone and their families well. Stay safe. For more information, please feel free to contact