Business IT Source provides Cisco network, data center and security solutions to our customers to help them fully utilize valuable IT resources. Bits can assist with all of your needs, from data center planning to infrastructure migration.
Bits specializes in:

Product Fulfillment

  • Let Bits help you with all of your network hardware needs, including new systems, upgrades and product expansion.
  • Bits can assist you with your SmartNet needs, including renewals of existing SmartNet agreements.


  • Bits can help you maintain a comprehensive security strategy to make sure you are getting the most out of your network investment. From firewalls to intrusion detection, we can help design a solution to meet your business needs.

Product Integration

  • Utilizing our state-of-the-art integration center, we can test and pre-stage your equipment as needed prior to it arriving onsite. This eliminates the need for onsite travel to configure equipment. Working with Bits to pre-stage hardware configuration results in faster order to deployment of your products and an lower overall cost of ownership.