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With the new M2 Apple is becoming more powerful and more fit for the enterprise environment. According to the Forrester report M1 Macs will save an enterprise over $800 over three years. Apple has a growing TCO advantage. Apple provides long life cycles, a single hardware platform, security, and ease of use. The operating system is solid and the hardware longevity is a strong point for enterprise environments.

To help make Mac as a choice viable in your enterprise Business IT Source will help you analyze your environment and provide support tools. BITS provides life cycle services around Mac from project planning to advanced stocking of your standards. Apple Financial Services, (AFS), is also involved in creating a DAAS environment using AFS, BITS, and Apple. One of the first things we would undertake would be a Mac Evaluation Utility:

Mac Evaluation Utility

Looking to understand if your organization is ready to adopt Mac using Apple's best practices? Mac Evaluation Utility makes it easy to securely and privately assess your environment. The Mac Evaluation Utility app delivers a customized report with hundreds of attributes that provides valuable insights and analysis about your Mac deployment process, including what's working well and areas for improvement.

Ensuring that your network can communicate successfully with a variety of different Apple hosts and servers. Once you run the app and assess your environment, you can collaborate BITS Apple experts to understand the report's data and build a plan for deployment success. And if you don't have access to AppleSeed for IT to download and run the app yourself, your reseller can help get it up and running on your system. It's created by Apple.

Mac Evaluation Utility was developed based on years of working with enterprise customers who deploy Mac at scale using Apple best practices. No changes occur on your Mac. The app is designed to only deliver observational data through a report, without making any system modifications. Nothing will be altered on your Mac after it has been run. It's secure and private. The app is code signed and verified with a certificate from Apple.

This means that it's a trusted application that will not run if it has been modified. The report and all of its contents are for your eyes only. Mac Evaluation Utility Workshop Easily assess your Mac environment If you participate in AppleSeed for IT, you can download and run the Mac Evaluation Utility app on your own, then work with our team to interpret the results and get help with Apple best practices.

For inquiries about Mac Evaluation Utility, send our team an email at [email protected] or give us a call at 847.793.0600 to speak with a representative who can help you learn more.

  • BITS will advance stock your specific Apple CTO standards at no charge. We analyze your customer environment and help ensure you have a 1 DAY SLA on all Apple equipment. Even during transitions. There are no charges for this service. BITS can also ship a complete end user set up complete and fully functional, directly to the end user.

  • BITS provides a dedicated project team to manage your account. We have systems engineers that can assist you with setting up Apple in your enterprise. Nationwide rollouts or implementations can be managed from our central United States location. BITS has the flexibility, responsiveness, technical expertise, buying power, to ensure that your rollout or implementation is completed successfully. Or if you just need help managing your run rate new hires or moves/adds/changes.

  • BITS works with Apple Financial Services to provide innovative payment structures and flexable terms. If you are interested in a device as a service (DAAS) model BITS and Apple can provide that with one easy payment. Apple residual values are among the highest in the industry, so take advantage of that with great leasing services.

Apple Lifecycle Services:

Business IT Source can assist you with your Apple technical needs. If you need technical support please contact [email protected] or call 847 793 0600 Monday – Friday 8-5 Central.

Business IT Source can assist you with your Apple support needs. If you need any Apple support or have any product questions please contact [email protected] or call 847 793 0600 Monday – Friday 8-5 Central.

Business IT Source in an authorized Apple warranty provider. If you need any Apple warranty assistance please contact [email protected] or call 847 793 0600 Monday – Friday 8-5 Central.
If you have and of life Apple equipment that you are interested in retiring we can provide you with that assistance as well just ask us.

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