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Data Protection Solutions

Data Protection Solutions

Business IT Source helps our customers address their Business Continuity plans and can design solutions that address questions facing businesses today. What are customers doing to protect online assets, data, applications, files, and databases from unexpected circumstances, Bits helps our customers navigate through data protection to provide industry-leading data protection.

Bits backup solutions include:

- Local, Cloud and Hybrid Backup
- Enterprise Data Protection
- Disaster Recovery

Whether your data protection environment is rich with mission critical applications, fully virtualized, focused on backup and recovery with requirements for supporting many different use cases including NAS, ROBO, cloud and disaster recovery, or a complex assortment of these, Bits can help you protect the needs of your business.

Leveraging technologies ranging from replication to snapshot, backup and archive, Bits can de- sign a solution around the data and service levels that align to our customer business objectives. In today’s environment, most companies manage their applications and data in multiple places: from on-premises traditional infrastructures to virtualized environments to hybrid and public clouds. Bits will help you put together a data protection strategy to protect all of the environments in your business.